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Additional Books and CDs by David and Graham

The Emprint Method:
A Guide to Producing Competence

This is one of the few books written on the process of modeling. In addition it is one of the very few approaches that also offers a companion book of modeled abilities (see Know How below), all of which were modeled using The Emprint Method format.

Know How:
Guided Programs for Inventing Your Own Best Futures

A treasure trove of successful patterns for dieting, loving relationships, effective parenting, and more. Even though these essential abilities were modeled using the The Emprint Method (see above), Know How is written so that anyone can easily understand and use the practical patterns it describes.

An Introduction to Modelling with NLP (CD)

This is a recording of David teaching a seminar on the fundamentals of modeling. Here you will find a presentation of the Experiential Array, modeling excercises, and elicitation demonstrations with several people.

The Therapeutic Patterns of Milton H.Erickson, M.D.

The vast majority of books about the acknowledged master of hypnotherapy, Milton H. Erickson, focus on his use of hypnosis. Phoenix, however, reveals the effective patterns of thinking and intervention upon which all of Erickson's therapeutic (including hypnotic) work was based.

Therapeutic Metaphors:
Helping Others Through the Looking-Glass

Metaphors provide a depth of association and potential for insight often not available in more direct approaches. Stories create a shared language between a therapist and a client, and can lead to great personal transformation. Therapeutic Metaphors provides an explicit and practical format for creating impactful stories for change.

Stories That Change People (CD)

Here is a complete introductory seminar on the structures and subtlties that go into creating effective theraeuptic metaphors. The seminar includes exercises, demonstrations, examples, and delightful explorations into the many aspects of therapeutic metaphor.

The Handbook of Work Based Learning

This is a practical guide to supporting organizational learning in ways that lead to success. The three main parts of the Handbook focus on the strategies, tactics and methods that are the foundations to ongoing learning in an organization, and are presented from the perspective of both the learner and the professional consultant.