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Ordering Expanding Your World

Expand Your World book cover
Expanding Your World is available in two formats; please read through both choices before making your selection to ensure that you get the format that will work best for you:

ePub version

Unfortunately, most e-readers and e-reading applications currently do NOT support embedded video! But there is good news:

The iPad DOES support embedded video: If you have an iPad you are all set; order the ePub format.

If you have an Android device (these include both the "Fire" line of Kindle tablets and the HD NOOK tablets!) you can also order the ePub version PROVIDED you first install one of the two e-reading apps we know of that support video: "Moon+ Reader" or "Prestigio"

HTML (browser) version

No matter what device or platform you have, it almost certainly has a browser. And browsers do support embedded video. So we have created an HTML version of Expanding Your World. The entire book - including the video - lives on your hard drive (or wherever you want to store it), so you don't need to be online to read it; simply open it in any browser window and it is all there.

Please choose the best version for you:

ePub   Add to Cart

HTML (browser)   Add to Cart

(The embedded video makes the file quite large - 637 megs! - so it may take a while to download.)

If you have questions about ordering, feel free to CONTACT US.