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Ordering The Modeling Tutorial

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The Modeling Tutorial is available in FOUR formats; please read through the choices before making your selection to ensure that you get the format that you prefer:

Through Amazon you can order The Modeling Tutorial as either a Kindle Book or as a Paperback:

The Modeling Tutorial for   Kindle

The Modeling Tutorial in   Paperback

Or, from us, you can order The Modeling Tutorial as either an ePub or as an HTML:

The Modeling Tutorial in   ePub format

This is the format used by almost all devices capable of reading digital books. E-readers, of course, are already set up to do this. And almost all tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers can as well once you download an e-reader application.

The Modeling Tutorial in   HTML (browser) format

No matter what device or platform you have, it almost certainly has a browser. The entire book lives on your hard drive (or wherever you want to store it), so you don't need to be online to read it; simply open it in any browser window and there it is.

Please choose the format you prefer:

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If you have questions about ordering, feel free to CONTACT US.